Pakistani Ministry of Defense Production signed an agreemnet worth $750 million with  China Ship Building and Trading Company (CSTC) to purchase four  F-22P Zulfiqar class frigates and 6 Z-9EC Anti-Submarine helicopters for the Pakistan Navy (PN). Construction of the  F-22P Zulfiqar class frigates started in 2005.

Under This Contract, Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW)  constracted the 4th frigate PNS Aslat with transfer of technology from the Chiese side. Pakistan Navy’s F-22P Zulfiqar class frigate are highly improved version of the Chinese Type 053H3 Jiangwei II-class frigates. Zulfiqar class uses some of the Radar Cross Sectional (RCS) reduction measures which were used by the China on its new Type 054 frigates.
 PNS Aslat will carry eight C-802A Anti-Ship missiles which can target enemy ships from range of 180 kilometers.  PNS Aslat  will also carry eight ready to fire FM-90 short range surface to air missiles to counter air threats and two triple torpedo tubes.

 PNS Aslat is using the Chinese version of the Russian AK-176M 76.2 mm as its main gun. Two 30 mm 7barrel gattling guns also called 730B Close -in-Weapon System (CIWS) will be used by the ship as last defense of the ship against air and surface threats.

First three frigates are already inservice with Pakistan navy.

Pakistan Navy’s F-22P Zulfiqar Class Frigates

Displacement: 3,144 tonnes

Length: 123.2 meter

Breadth: 13.8 meter

Draft: 3.76 meter

Max Speed: 29 knots

Cruising Speed: 16 knots

Range: 6,000 nautical miles range


Surface to Surface Missiles: Two quadruple C-802A launchers

Main Gun: 76mm gun based on the Russian AK-176M weapon

ASW: Two triple ET-52C 324mm torpedo tubes and two sextuple RDC-32 rocket launchers

Zulfiqar class also carries Echo Type 5 hull-mounted active search and track sonar

Surface to Air Missiles: Octuple launcher for FM-90N Surface to Air Missiles
Short Range Air Defense: Two Type 730 30mm seven-barrel guns
Helicopter: One Z-9EC helicopter

Crew: Ship’s core crew is 188, but has a capacity to carry 212 for long period and 250 for short periods

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