New York Times has reported that United States is "suspending and, in some cases, canceling" the aid to the Pakistan. The New York Times has reported that three US officials has confirmed hat US is suspending the aid to Pakistan.

Newspaper says that this is a move by United States to punish Pakistan for expelling American military trainers from Pakistan and decrease in cooperation with the CIA.

It is reported that about $800 million of American military aid will be suspended by the US.

While this US move is clearly aimed at forcing Pakistan into a more aggressive fight against the militants, it could very well back fire at the Americans as ground situation in Pakistan is very volatile at this moment.

A large majority of Pakistanis has been saying from last few years that US is repeating its tactics of 1980s and it will start cutting aid and its relationship with Pakistan as soon as it starts withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan.

Anger among Pakistanis is alt ready on rise because of the high rate of deaths of innocent civilians in the US drone attack and such moves will only help in anti American speakers which has always said that US is going to leave Pakistan just like it did i early 1990s as soon as its forces are back in America.

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  1. This is a blessing in disguise we should cut our forces from the western border with Afghanistan which i understand stands at 150,000 to just 30,000 troops of the 11 corps.As the Americans are ready with their tail in their hind legs i think this will be a befitting answer as for their tactics of terrorism C.I.A Moss ad /Backwater ..Indian Raw & the European spy agencies Pakistan,s I.S.i has enough experience to deal with the Enemy .We should clear this perception of the Americans that we are fighting a war of terror un-leashed on us by the Illuminati ..the Jews of U.S.A


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