Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC), Dr Ansar Parvez has said that Pakistan should build more nuclear power plants to tackle the current energy crisis in the country.

He was speaking in the IAEA General Conference in Vienna. He said that Pakistan believe that building additional nuclear power plants is one of the most viable options for Pakistan effectively tackle ever growing energy requirements of the country.

He said that cost of the electricity produced by the thermal power plants is going beyond the capacity of the common Pakistani consumers.

 Dr Ansar Parvez said that embargoes on Pakistan have long out lived any rationale that they might have had. He said, “All of our civil nuclear power plants have already been under IAEA safeguard and this will continue to be our practice in the future.”

He said that Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) has acquired all the necessary know-how to build and operate nuclear power plants. He said that for Pakistan nuclear fuel is also not a problem as we have a nuclear fuel cycle in place. 

He Said that Pakistan is falling behind its plan to generate 8800 MW by 2030 due to slower pace of implementation.

Dr Ansar Parvez said that Pakistan should itself focus on the designing and developnment of small nuclear power plants to serve as stand-alone source of energy for each city.

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