WikiLeaks has revealed that teams of the United States of America was allowed o inspect the P-3C Orion maritime aircrafts of the Pakistan Navy in 2009 to show that no tempering was done with the aircrafts.

According to the cables released by the Wikileaks, United States of America was worried that Pakistan Navy has modified its P-3C Orion maritime aircrafts and Harpoon Block I missiles for ground attack role.

Pakistani Naval Chief, Chief of Staff Admiral Noman Bashir allowed a three man US team to immediately conduct an inventory of the missiles and P-3C aircrafts. US team visited Pakistani naval base during October 12-14 for inspection.

This PMA-290 team conducted an in depth Enhanced End-Use Monitoring (EEUM) inspection of the four aircraft, which consisted of visual and functional checks of the Weapons Replaceable Unit, Data Decoder/Encoder, Control Distribution Box, Harpoon Interconnection Box, Harpoon Missile Control Panel, Data Processing Computer, as well as the aircraft wings and weapon-mounting points and all associated wiring.

After the inspection US PMA-290 team was satisfied that Pakistan Navy had made no modifications to the P-3C Orion maritime aircrafts and Harpoon Block I missiles.

Recently United States has expressed similar concerns after PNS Mehran Base was attacked on May 22 which resulted in the loss of two P-3C Orion maritime aircrafts.

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