Battle for the selection of the next naval chief is currently in full swing as Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir is due to retire on October 7 after completing the three-year tenure.

Defense Ministry is favoring Vice Admiral Abbas Raza who is currently workings as Commander Pakistani Naval Fleet is no 3 in the seniority list.

Pakistani Defence Ministry has provided the list of top three contenders for the commanding post in the Pakistan Navy and now it would be the choice of President with consultation of the Prime Minister to name the new naval chief.

Vice Admiral Asif Sindhila is top of the list as he is currently working as Chief of Staff and No 2 in the Pakistan Navy. If the seniority prevails, Asif Sindhila would replace the outgoing Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir.

Vice Admiral Tanvir Faiz, Principal Staff Officer is on second choice on the seniority list of naval officers and he is currently working as deputy chief of naval staff dealing with projects.

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