Defence & Security Equipment international (DSEi) closed the  stand and the Pavilion of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) stand and Pakistan’s Defence Export Promotion Organisation Pavilion for distributing brochures bearing advertisement for banned cluster bombs  in breach of UK Government Export Controls.

Organizers of the Defence & Security Equipment international (DSEi) has said that UK's Government is in complete agreement with the decision by to close the Pavilion of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) stand and Pakistan’s Defence Export Promotion Organisation.

 UK Government Export Control Act 2002 has banned the promotion of such weapons.

Brochures of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory (POF) included the material about the 155mm artillery ammunition containing 88 sub-munitions and 155mm BB DPICM (artillery ammunitin containing 45 sub-munitions).

Brochures of the Pakistan’s Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO) included offers to sell 155mm HOW HE ICM M483A1 (cluster munition containing 88 sub-munitions).

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  1. Its clerical mistake on the broucher POF team did not review gthe brouchre because of lack of time because team has given late visa and decesion was before days before DESI 2011

  2. It was not clerical mistake. In fact it is capability mistake of those people who were representing POF in DSEi. A team of fools headed by a mad man. God bless POF and rescue it from such follies.

  3. It is discrimination with Pakistan. Every time whenever Pakistanis visits UK, whether it is Pakistan Cricket team or someone else, Britishers show biased attitude with them and leave no chance to defame Pakistanis. Tell who do not manufacture ICM ammunition? US, France, South Korea, India, and even UK too.

  4. It is Indian lobby behind the scene. POF is doing excellent in providing force to Pak Army to defeat terrorism in the region. No matter of such things.

  5. 155mm GR M49(Greece), M395, M396 M397 (US) and above all UK manufacture 155mm ERBS L20A1 ammo. All these have sub munition then why so much objections on POF's DPICM. It is open discrimination against Pakistan.

  6. I think Its a big screwup by the POF and DEPO Team.

    They had to check for the rules and regulations before going to such Exhibitions

    Their marketing Teams are fully responsible for this

    If we take a look at the POF, PAC, DEPO,s websites or brouchre, one thing is clear

    They need to get specialists from civilian side to handle this kind of work rather then forcing the military personal with little background in marketing to do a job for which they were never trained

    Untill This happens we will keep seeing worst possible websites and screwups like this one.


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