Pakistani Navy has organized naval exercise called Aman-11. Navies from all parts of the world will be talking part in this exercise which will include Special Operations Forces and War at Sea exercise in the Arabian Sea this month. A total of 49 countries have been invited to participate in this exercise.

First such exercise was held by the Pakistan navy in March 2007. Fourteen warships from countries like Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, Malaysia, UK and USA participated and were considered a great success. In 2007 in Special Operation Forces of Turkey and Bangladesh also took part in the exercise along with the Special Operation Forces of Pakistan navy while another twenty one countries attended as observers.

Second exercise of the Aman series was held in March 2009 and was named AMAN-09. This exercises attracted additional participation and twenty three warships l warships, thirteen aircrafts and Special Operation Forces from nine countries participated in this exercise. In 2009 beside the participants of AMAN-07 Nigeria, Turkey, Japan, France and Australia took part and another twenty seven countries participated as observers.
Success of both AMAN-07 and AMAN-09 has allowed Pakistan Navy to increase the number of navies which will take part in the AMAN-11 naval exercise.

This year a total of 39 countries are participating in this naval exercise.This year Australia, China, France, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Sri-Lanka, United Kingdom and USA will bring their naval warships and aircrafts for the this exercise.

AMAN-11 naval exercise will help boost inter-operability and develop common tactics to counter the air, surface and subsurface threats. This exercise will allow Pakistan navy to observe the international standards and integrate them into its own naval doctrine.

With the ever increasing threats of terrorism and piracy and their adverse effects on the international trade, exercise like AMAN-11 help in improving the tactics to deal with such threats and boost the operational readiness of the coalition forces.

Pakistan navy has always been a front line participant in efforts to counter the threat of terrorism and piracy at sea and this is the slogan for AMAN-11: “Together for Peace.”

Pakistan navy will also showcase its latest acquisition F-22P frigates in this exercise. This exercise will include surface tactical exercises, communication exercises, night encounter exercises, air exercises, cross deck landings and search and rescue exercises.

Special Operations Forces of the participant countries will participate in The SOF Exercises like Static line and Freefall water Jumps, Special Purpose Insertion and Extraction Operations, Maritime Counter Terrorist Exercises, Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Exercises along with many other type s of exercises designed to increase the efficiency of SOF against different threats in different conditions.

Last but not the least will be part of exercise in which participating Units will be divided into two task groups, Blue forces and Orange forces. These forces will take part in different Air-surface Warfare and Anti-Air Warfare exercises.

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