Twelve year old Naima Gul has become the first female pilot (honorary) of the 9th Squadron of the Pakistan Army Aviation by flying the Lama helicopter. She is a Thalassaemia patient and currently studies in the 4th grade. 

She had requested the Chief of the Army Staff in a letter and expressed her desire to become the first  female pilot (honorary) of 9th squadron in Pakistan Army Aviation’s history.

Naima Gul lives in the Mingora and her dream came true as the Chief of the Army Staff, Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani formally directed the Pakistan Army Aviation Academy to grant her the wish of her life.

Naima Gul said that she doesn’t know how long she will be able to fight her permanent illness but she said, “today is the dream day for me." She said that she will live for her country (Pakistan) and will die for it if required. She said that she is ready to serve her motherland in whatever capacity she is needed.

At this moment she also expressed her desire to start a foundation to help the poor patients who are suffering from the Thalassaemia by establishing Naima Gul Foundation which can offer free medication like disprol injection to them. She needs to take a disprol injection once a day for five days a week.

She was taken to a simulator room where she was briefed by the Pakistan Army Aviation’s instructor Major Zahid brief about the mission which she latter undertook. In this mock mission, she was to help rescue an injured soldier during her flight of 9.6 kilometers.

Later she was also briefed about operations of the 9th squadron in Pakistan Army Aviation. Commander Lt Gen Yasin Malik, Commander 11 Corps was also present at this moment. He said that we are here to fulfill the dream of courageous dream of the daughter of great Swat valley.

He said that her desire shows a clear recognition and respect of the people of Swat towards Pakistan's army which has fought against the terrorists in the area.

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