Gen Petreaus has warned the US government that drone attacks like the ‘Dattakhel drone attack’ which resulted in the deaths of forty four innocent Pakistanis tribesmen should not occur again as this could very well end the cooperation of Pakistan Army with the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

ISAF Commander in Afghanistan Gen David Petreaus is in touch with the senior officials of the Pakistan Army and had to deal with the strong protests from them.
Pakistan Army had made it clear that death of the innocent Pakistani tribesmen; the very people who were cooperating with the Pakistan Army against the terrorists in the area will not only damage the relationships between Pakistan Army and tribesmen but also the ISAF and Pak Army

So far United States have not formally apologized or even regretted the drone attack on innocent Pakistani tribesmen. This cold mind-set of the United States is further flaming the anger against the US in Pakistan.

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