The President of Pakistan has granted the “General Staff Green Endorsement for 1,000 Safe Flying Hours”Military awards to the following officers and men of Pakistan Armed Forces:

01) Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Nasheed Iqbal, Aviation,
02) Major Shahzad Faisal Masood, Aviation,
03) Major Naveed Zaffar Abbasi, Aviation,
04) Major Ali Irtaza, Aviation,
05) Major Kashif Fayyaz Bhatti, Aviation,
06) Major Tallat Mahmood, Aviation,
07) Major Muhammad Haroon Zeb, Aviation,
08) Major Omer Arshad, Aviation,
09) Major Imran Ahmed Fareed, Aviation,
10) Major Badar Ul Duja Ahmed, Aviation,

11) Major Shair Abbas, Aviation,
12) Major Ahmed Junaid, Aviation,
13) Major Mian Waqar Ahmed, Aviation,
14) Major Amir Azam, Aviation,
15) Major Omer Jamal Kayani, Aviation,
16) Major Mehmood Faisal Malik, Aviation and
17) Major Babar Younus, Aviation.

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