Russia has offered India to supply it with Active Electronically Scanned Array Radar for Indian Su-30MKI fighter jets. Details of this offer are currently under discussion between the two countries.

Upgraded Indian Su-30MKI fighter jets will be able to use foreign weapon systems beside Russian missiles. India will also upgrade around 42 Su-30MKI fighter jets to make them capable of carrying Indo-Russian “BrahMos” supersonic anti-ship missile.

Indian India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Corporation is already manufacturing the Su-30MKI fighter jets under license from Russia. Indian air force has so far ordered 272 Su-30MKI fighter jets.

India is also looking to purchase 126 MMRCA aircrafts under a deal which could be worth atleast 10 billion US dollars. To give boast to its local defense industry, India is asking the winner of MMRCA contract to invest around 50% of the contract value in Indian defense sector.

India has already committed to the Russian PAK FA fighter jet and will purchase around 250 to 300 of these fifth generation aircrafts once the development is complete.

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  1. Pakistan does not have any space program. Since US technology is leaking to China, they will not be in a position to consider supplying Pakistan advanced fighter jets & other military equipment. The change in Pakistan’s politics and approaching China are reflected by world news medias. China is not in position to support Pakistan technologically. They may have two or three copied technology. So Chinese advancement in advanced technology is limited. Chinese will bend their political commitments so easily in a critical time/situation. So in leaving US & allies is a big blunder.


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