The President of Pakistan has granted the " Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Military)" Military awards to the following officers and men of Pakistan Armed Forces:

01) Brigadier Muhammad Naeem, EME,
02) Brigadier Mansoor Ahmed, EME,
03) Brigadier Azhar Ghori, EME,
04) Brigadier Zaman Nasrullah Khan Niazi, Frontier Force,
05) Brigadier Javed Akhtar, Corps of Military Intelligence,
06) Brigadier Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Awan, Artillery,
07) Brigadier Syed Shaukat Ali, Armourd Corps,
08) Brigadier Shahid Afzal, Baloch,
09) Brigadier Syed Tahawar Ali Shah, Air Defence,
10) Brigadier Azhar Manzoor, Artillery,

11) Brigadier Ejaz Ahmed, Army Service Corps ,
12) Brigadier Naeem Abdul Baqi Malik, Air Defence,
13) Brigadier Amin Ullah Khan, Azad Kashmir Regiment,
14) Brigadier Shahid Manzoor, Engineers,
15) Brigadier Kazim Mustehsan, Armourd Corps,
16) Brigadier Hamid Abdullah, Sind,
17) Brigadier Shahzad Sami Qurrashi, Signals,
18) Brigadier Muhammad Mumtaz, Corps of Military Intelligence,
19) Brigadier Syed Tahir Akbar, Sind,
20) Brigadier Nadeem Aslam Khan, Aviation,
21) Brigadier Sajid Naeem, Baloch,
22) Brigadier Iftikhar Ul Wahab, Signals,
23) Brigadier Syed Agha Hussain Imam Naqvi, Frontier Force,
24) Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmad, Artillery,
25) Brigadier Syed Kausar Hussain Shah, Baloch,
26) Brigadier Nasir Hussain Kazmi, Ordnance,
27) Brigadier Munir Ahsan, Aviation,
28) Brigadier Muhammad Shoaib Murtaza, Azad Kashmir Regiment,
29) Brigadier Adnan Azim, Armourd Corps,
30) Brigadier Imtiaz Hussain Shahzada Khurrum, Army Service Corps,
31) Brigadier Shahid Riaz, Artillery,
32) Brigadier Khalid Shaheen, Corps of Military Intelligence,
33) Brigadier Syed Sohail Bokhari, Armourd Corps,
34) Brigadier Shahid Aziz, Army Medical Corps,
35) Brigadier Najmul Hassan, Army Medical Corps,
36) Colonel Zahid Sohail, Signals,
37) Colonel Shafqat Nazir, Engineers,
38) Colonel Tahir Nadeem Khan, Artillery,
39) Colonel Muhammad Arshad Javaid Kasana, Frontier Force,
40) Colonel Zawar Hussain, Punjab,
41) Colonel Malik Shahid Mahmood, Air Defence,
42) Colonel Khalid Shahbaz, Armourd Corps,
43) Colonel Syed Tabassim Raza Kazmi, EME,
44) Colonel Nasir Hussain Bhatti, Ordnance,
45) Colonel Muhammad Naeem, Army Service Corps,
46) Colonel Ikhlaq Hussain, Punjab,
47) Colonel Waheed Akhtar, Azad Kashmir Regiment ,
48) Colonel Tariq Mahmood Malik, Corps of Military Intelligence,
49) Colonel Bashir Ahmad Malik, Army Medical Corps,
50) Colonel Pervaiz Ahmed Aftab, Army Medical Corps,
51) Commodore Khalid Masood, Navy,
52) Commodore Sajid Wazir Khan, Navy,
53) Commodore Ayaz Nabi Dar, Navy,
54) Commodore Ch. Aftab Ahmed, Navy,
55) Commodore Raja Qamar Nawaz, Navy,
56) Commodore Muhammad Isa Khan, Navy,
57) Lieutenant Commodore Azhar Majeed Khan, Navy,
58) Air Commodore Junaid Ahmed Siddiqui, PAF,
59) Air Commodore Asad Abdur Rehman Khan Lodhi, PAF,
60) Air Commodore Nadeem Shujaat Khan, PAF,
61) Air Commodore Arshad Zia Gondal, PAF,
62) Group Captain Irfan Ul Haq, PAF,
63) Group Captain Waqar Munir, PAF,
64) Group Captain Syed Zia Ul Haq, PAF,
65) Group Captain Omer Sani, PAF,
66) Group Captain Jawad Ahmad Toor, PAF,
67) Group Captain Fawad Yunus Hussain, PAF,
68) Group Captain Qaiser Ishaque, PAF and
69) Group Captain Sohail Naeem, PAF.

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