Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) has indigenously developed a gun which can be installed on the Main Battle Tanks (MBT) produced by the Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). HIT officials say that gun is ready for the installation on the Al-Khalid and Al-Zarar tanks.

Previously Heavy Industries Taxila was importing the 125 mm 'blanks' from France for the Al-Khalid and Al-Zarar main battle tanks. 125 mm ‘blanks’ were the final shape of the gun barrel before it is finished which were later finished at HIT.

Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) has placed an order for the production of 50 125 mm barrels with the Mechanical Complex (HMC). These 50 125 mm barrels will be installed on the Al-Khalid and Al-Zarar main battle tanks.

Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) officials have also said that HMC plans to produce artillery guns for the Pakistan Army.

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