Flight PK-370 of the Pakistan International Airlines came within 500 feet of the fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force. Incident happened in the evening on April 14 when flight PK-370 was flying under the directions of the air traffic controllers above Sheikhupura at 8:15 pm, fighter jet belonging to the Pakistan Air Force jet was also in the area cruising at 26,000 feet above sea level.

Air traffic control personnel directed the flight PK-370 of the Pakistan International Airlines to descend to the same altitude as that of fighter jet.
Air traffic controllers ordered the flight PK-370 to change its frequency to get connected to the air field controller in Islamabad. PIA flight PK-370 took off from Karachi for Islamabad.

By the time flight PK-370 was switching over its frequency, it came at the same altitude at which the fighter jet was flying. But the incident was fortunately avoided as pilot in charge flight PK-370 became awar of the situation and put the throttle to full power to climb up to a safe altitude, thus avoiding a mid-air collision," said a pilot.

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  1. The incident of crashing plane is so sad no body knows that his/her dear who taking flights to Islamabad will dead in accident that news was really painful and shocking.


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