Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Noman Bashir has said that he anticipates that there world’s power balance will realigning itself over the next few decades but United States will remain maintain itself as global superpower.

He said that even after the economic turmoil and expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan USA is still one of the largest military forces which is equipped with the most modern weapon systems available on this planet.

He said that Indian Ocean will be the area of future power struggle likely as it is a route way to the oil hubs of the Middle East and presents different opportunities as well as challenges which account for its strategic importance.

He said that Indian Ocean serves as a transportation route for the oil and trade. Increasing rivalry between India China especially with their increasing maritime powers starts the struggle to control the Indian Ocean to protect their interests.

This means that USN cannot turn its back from this area. He said that formation of Combined Task Force 151 to combat piracy in Gulf of Aden is one example of the challenges faced by the USN and different options available to it to handle such challenges. He is of the view that USA will try to leverage the naval power of its allies and partners.

He said that these changes in the power structure of the region affect the Pakistan Navy significantly. He said that Pakistan Navy is increasingly involved in the future maritime order of Indian Ocean and areas surrounding it.

He maintained that Pakistan Navy has capability for long range and long endurance maritime missions in the region. Pakistan Navy is already regularly contributing in International Maritime Coalitions since 2004.

He said that with the passage of time capability of the Pakistan Navy to maintain long range operations has increased. He added that Pakistan Navy can play the role of a facilitator of peace in the region.

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