Military officials in Pakistan have discarded the report by the United States that Pakistan is avoiding direct clash with militants in the FATA region.

Pakistani officials have pointed out that Pakistani armed forces have already conducted successful operations against Talibans in the FATA region and the Swat valley of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

While USA has recognized the significant sacrifices made by Pakistani armed forces and claimed that US has increased military cooperation with them during last few months but Pakistan is still not making any headways.

Report failed to mention how USA has been holding back on the items which are need most including mine protected armed personal carriers, medium to heavy lift helicopters, gunship helicopters along with many others such items I the name of not upsetting the Indians.

All the above items are being used by the ISAF forces in Afghanistan but when Pakistan demands such weapons US either delays the projects for long period of time or simple rejects the Pakistani requests to keep the Indians happy which it sees as a large weapons market for its arms industry. 

Even with vintage weaponry when compared to its US and NATO counter parts and extremely limited budget, Pakistan armed forces have conducted several operations successfully when compared to the ISAF.

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