Four week long close quarters battle (CQB) training of 202 police officers including Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Sergeants and Constables of the Sindh Police was completed under the supervision of the Karachi Corps. Purpose of this training was to enhance the skills of the police officers to face the modern day challenges like terrorism and hostage situations.

Police officers were trained in the close quarter battle (CQB) which focused on small units engaging the enemy with personal defense weapons at very short range. In this kind of situation police officers will be required to have great proficiency with their weapons as they will have to make split second decisions to decrease the casualties to the civilians in the area.

This course also focused on the sniper training of the police officers to deal with terrorist from safe distance if the situation demands. They were also trained in the repelling, cordon and quick response to the any eventuality.

Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaheer-ul-Islam was present at the mock drill simulating action against the terrorist attack by this Quick Response Unit of Sindh Police.

The Corps Commander, Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaheer-ul-Islam praised the fitness and fighting skills of the newly trained police officers of the Quick Response Unit. Provincial Police Officer Sindh Police Fayyaz Ahmed Leghari showed his appreciation the Lieutenant General for providing training to the Quick Response Unit of Sindh Police at the facilities of the Pakistan Army.

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