Pakistan Navy has handed over the command of Combined Task Force (CTF) 151to the Singapore Navy. Pakistan navy took over the command of the multinational naval task force Combined Task Force (CTF) 151from 29th November, 2010 to 31st March, 2011. CTF-151 is a task force to carry out anti-piracy operations under the United Nations Security Council resolutions to curb piracy in the Gulf of Eden, North Arabian Sea and the Somalia Basin.

Commodore Abdul Aleem of PN handed over the command to the Rear Admiral Harris Weng Yip Chan of Singapore Navy and ceremony for this took place at the HMS Cornwall alongside the USS Manson

Pakistan Navy is the only navy in the regional to have commanded the Combined Task Force (CTF) 151. Combined Task Force (CTF) 151 was created in 2009 to carry out anti piracy operations to stop piracy in order and protect the global maritime routes.

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