Pakistan has successfully tested newly developed short-range, surface-to-surface ballistic missile Hatf-9 Nasr. Missile has a range of 60 km and is designed as a quick response system to deal with the requirement to deter evolving threats.

Hatf-9 NASR ballistic missile is part of the Multi Tube Ballistic Missile system which is designed to be carrying nuclear and conventional warheads of appropriate yield with extremely low circular error probability (CEP).

`Hatf IX’ NASR Multi Tube Ballistic Missile System

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  1. This is a guided artillery shell in the form of SSM. The soviets used various types of such missiles to as a propellant and Heavily Fortified Fixed Installation Target Clearance Weapon System in the battlefield.

  2. HATF IX NASR seems to follow depressed trajectory rather than typical Ballistic trajectory which when combined with its maneuverability, high speed and short range will pose impossible challenge for any Anti Ballistic Missile system.

    Nasr also looks to be much more stabilized in its flight when compared to the Older Hatf-1B and Hatf-1A. Use of terminal guidance allows the HATF IX NASR to be a quick response precision guided Ballistic Missile with extremely low CEP to take out the heavily defended targets nearby.

    Its quick reaction time, low CEP, terminal guidance and larger warhead makes it much more superior then a simple unguided Multi barrel rocket launcher system.


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