Three ships belonging to the Pakistan Navy has reached Bahrain to participate in the Mine Countermeasure and Surface Warfare Multinational Exercise Arabian Gauntlet. Number of navies from Gulf and USN are also participating in this exercise. Exercise will be held from April 17 to 28, 2011.
Pakistani ships include PNS Saif, PNS Muhafiz and PNS Munsif.

Pakistani Flotilla is commanded by the Commodore Mukhtar Khan SI (M). F-22P frigate PNS Saif was a recently induct in the Pakistan Navy and is designed for multirole operations. It carry weapons to handel threats from surface, sub-surface and air warfare domains.

PNS Saif is the third frigate of the Zulfiquar class and it joined Pakistan Navy on 15th September 2010. PNS Muhafiz and PNS Munsif are “Eridan Class Tripartite Mine Hunters” which are designed and equipped with mine hunting suite including Sonars and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.

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