It is reported by the Chinese sources that Pakistan and China are indeed developing a stealthy version of JF-17 Thunder fighter jet which will have a redesigned frontal fuselage to reduce of the aircraft’s Radar cross section (RCS). An aircraft with larger Radar cross section will be detected by the enemy fighter jet’s radar at longer ranges and thus will be at disadvantage.

In July last year Pakistan signed a MOU with the Chinese side to design and develop a stealthy version of JF-17 Thunder fighter jet. JF-17 Thunder is now jointly produced at manufacturing facilities of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and Chengdu Aerospace Company (CAC).

Pakistan Air Force has hinted several times to purchase of around 250 JF-17 Thunder fighter jets. It is rumored that stealthy version of JF-17 Thunder will enter into production after 100 to 150 baseline JF-17 Thunder have joined the Pakistan Air Force.

JF-17 Thunder is powered by the Russian RD-93 power plants. It is also reported in Chinese media that first taxi test of JF-17 Thunder powered by a Chinese developed WS-13 engine took place on March 18, 2010.

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  1. So this MoU report is credible then. Cant wait to see JFT going stealthy. it would be a dream come true .

  2. Ghufran It looks to be that way and it will be a logical way forward for the JF-17 Thunder Fighter jets.

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