Joint exercise ‘Vijayee Bhava’(blessed to win) of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force is in progress in the in the deserts of northern Rajasthan, near the Pakistani border.

This is first of the different military exercises planned by the Indian Army’s Western Command and it will involve mechanized maneuvers by Indian armored vehicles including tanks and infantry fighting vehicles which will be supported by Russian made Mi-25 gunship helicopters, Russian made MiG-29, MiG-21 Bison and Jaguar fighter jets.

Indian troops from Indian army and air force were practicing for past 15 days for the joint exercise ‘Vijayee Bhava’. Basic aims the exercise ‘Vijayee Bhava’ is to fine-tune the concept of Indian Cold Start doctrine and test the operational efficiency of the Ambala based Kharga Corps.

Indian Army is looking to verify the successful integration of the new generation defense, surveillance, communication technologies and use of the precision guided munitions to achieve best results. Such routine exercises with troops are conducted during the training cycles of formations.

Indian Army has conducted more than 10 major military exercises near the international border with in the last 6 years.

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