Pakistan and France are discussing defense deals worth 450 million euros. France will provide loan at 4.5 % interest and it is to be paid in 8 years.

Pakistan is interested in the purchase of the night vision glasses, spare parts for Fennec helicopters and French Precision-Guided Munition (Armement Air-Sol Modulaire) AASM for its upgraded Mirage fighter jets.

AASM kits use the inertial navigation and Global Positioning System (GPS) guidance to achieve CEP of 10 meters. Options like imaging infrared or semi-active laser homing are also available to increase accuracy to 1 meter.

Pakistan is also interested in the purchase of atleast 10 AS550 C3 Fennec helicopters. AS550 C3 Fennec is an armed version based on AS350 B3. AS550 C3 can carry 20 mm gun, rockets and TOW anti-tank missiles

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