This is the image of the Pakistan Air Force's Ilyushin IL-78MP Midas Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) R10-002 taken at the CMB Colombo [Katunayake], Sri Lanka on 27th March 2011 by the Serge Dejonckheere.

Pakistan Air Force is already operating three IL-78MP Midas Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) which it acquired from Ukraine. Pakistan Air Force has ordered total of four Il-78MP Midas MRTT aircrafts which are equipped with the three-point drogue refueling system. Pakistan also have option to purchase 5th IL-78 Midas MRTT if funds are made available to the Pakistan air force.

Pakistan Air Force has is using them along with the upgraded Mirage-III Rose-I for air to air refueling. PAF also plans to use IL-78P Midas MRTT aircrafts to its refuel JF-17 Thunder and FC-20 fighter jets in future.

Pakistan Air Force also uses its IL-78MP MRTT aircrats in the strategic transporter role due to its capability to carry larger payloads over the long distance when compared to the PAF’s C-130 Hercules transport aircrafts.

Pakistan air force is using its IL-78 Midas MRTT aircrafts extensively in the transporter role and IL-78 Midas has been recently made number of trips to the China, Italy and now Sri Lanka.

IL-78 Midas MRTT plays an important role in extending the range of the fighter jets of the Pakistan air force. These aircrafts allow Pakistan to hit targets deep inside enemy territory by refueling the fighter aircrafts during flight.

Pakistan air force also operates 45 F-16A/B which are currently being upgraded to F-16AM/BM and newly accquired 18 F-16C/D block 52M but non of F-16s can take fuel form IL-78MP Midas MRTT. Pakistan has shown its intent to purchase few surplus USAF KC-135 Stratotankers if made available after their retirement.

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