Admiral Noman Bashir has announced that Pakistan Navy is trying to relocated its assets to a safer place which will be away from residential areas.

Chief of naval Staff was talking to the media at a press conference  which as to arranged by the Pakistan navy to provide initial report about the terrorist attack at that PNS Mehran Naval Base.

He said that Pakistan Navy is trying to relocate Naval Base and other important installations away from residential areas as it is very difficult to defend them against terrorists attacks due to crowded residential areas.

All the foreigners including 11 Chinese and 6 American engineers were rescued and are safe.He said that commandos of the Pakistan navy responded to the attack with in 3 minutes.He said that 15 highly trained terrorists infiltrated the naval base and fired RPGs at the PC-3 Orion aircrafts.

Total of ten Naval personnel were martyred including one officer and three firemen who rushed to save the burning aircraft, but became victims of the gunfire by terrorists. Security personnel who achieved martyrdom included one officer Lt. Yasser Abbas, 3 firemen, 3 SSG personnel, 1 sailor and 2 personnel of Pakistan Rangers.

Two of the terrorists conducted suicide while others have been arrested. Pakistan Military Review has already reported that atleast four terrorists were captured alive. Admiral said that Bashir said that Naval commandos of the Naval Special Services Group(SSGN) completed the operation with help of the Pakistan Army,Marines, Rangers and Police.

Total of five P-3C Orion aircraft were at the PNS Mehran at the time of attack. Three out of Five P-3C Orion were recently received after upgradation by the US and another 4 P-3C are in USA undergoing  modernization.

One P-3C Orion burnt out completely while another was severely damaged due to the close proximity of the location of the aircraft. and is considered beyond economical repair thus two P-3Cs have been written off. Airframe of the third 3rd P-3C was slightly damaged by gunfire.

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