Mectron has delivered MAR-1 anti-radiation missiles to the Pakistan Air Force last year. These MAR-1 anti-radiation missile are currently being integrated on the JF-17 Thunder fighter jets and Mirage-III/ V ROSE fighters jets.

MAR-1 anti-radiation missiles are developed by the Mectron for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). Pakistan Air Force purchased 100 MAR-1 missiles at cost of US $ 126 million.

Integration of the MAR-1 Missiles was also confirmed by the PAF officials at the Farnborough Airshow last year. JF-17 Thunder fighter jet is a jointly developed fighter jet by Pakistan and China to meet the requirements of the PAF.

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), Kamra has already delivered enough JF-17s to equip two squadrons and a 3rd Squadron will be equipped with this aircraft this year

MAR-1 anti-radiation missiles provide a new capability to the Pakistan Air Force as this is the only modern anti-radiation missile in PAF’s inventory capable of destroying enemy radars and air defence systems.

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