Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has said that invasion of the American helicopters into Pakistan is a air surveillance failure which occurred due to the fact that radars deployed on the western front of Pakistan were not active on May 2, 2011. He dismissed the notion that the Pakistani radars were jammed.

He said that Pakistan Air Force normally doesn’t take the obvious threat from Afghanistan for its urban areas and because of this radars deployed near the Afghan borders were not active at the time of operation.

He said that this was done due to the expensive high-tech radars which have maximum life of 25,000 hours.He said this is completely opposite to the situation on the eastern front where radars are active 24 hours to keep and eyed on the possible Indian attack.

He said, “Osama bin Laden declared war not only against America but also against Pakistan Army, we lost 3,500 soldiers, we arrested most of his close comrades but Americans never took us into confidence about the May 2 operation and even after the success of their unilateral operation, they tried to humiliate us in their traditional arrogant style but we will not tolerate their arrogance in future.”

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  1. Complete nonsense. You have predators coming over from the western front and you turn blind eye.
    Why is this country spending so much money on equipment when we have monkeys running the show.
    Complete incompetence and shameful behaviour. Japanese are honourable and take the way of the sword.
    Sorry to say, they need to take off their uniform and focus on the various enterprises e.g. cereals/food and real estate.
    They are morale corrupt and Pakistani people are stupid to trust them with their country's integrity.


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