Chairman of the Tehreek-e-Inqilab Pakistan, Ilamuddin Gazi has submitted an appeal in the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the federal government, President of Pakistan, Foreign Ministary, Defence Ministry and Interior Ministry by challenging the authority provided to the President of Pakistan to act as a Supreme Commander of Pakistani Armed Forces.

Rana Ilamuddin Gazi has said in his appeal that this kind of arrangement only results in delays in decision making process which could harm the ability of the Pakistani armed forces to respond to the threat from the US or India.

Rana Ilamuddin Gazi said that currently authority to take decision lies with the President Asif ali Zardari who acts as supreme commander which means that Pakistan Army does not have a full powers to take decisions regarding the Pakistan’s response in case of eventuality like US attack in Abbotabad on May 2.

Even though this appeal may lack the important aspect that civilian leaders chosen by the people of Pakistan specifically for such purposes are to have such authority if we want them to do their jobs, this still brings important fact that level confidence of the people of Pakistan in civilian government is getting lower every day, especially with the events like US attack on May 2 and daily drone attacks and lack of transparency from our government.

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