Extraordinary precautions were taken for the security of the Parliament house by the security forces for the joint session of the parliament yesterday. Airspace around the Parliament house was patrolled by helicopters, a heavy contingent of Pakistan Rangers and Frontier Constabulary were positioned in the nearby buildings along with police.

Snipers from the Special Forces units were also deployed in surrounding areas of the Parliament house will man nearby buildings and Pakistan Army units were kept on stand-by to responds to any unexpected situation at moment’s notice.

Joint session of the parliament was held to discuss the details of the US operations in Pakistan on May 2.

High level officials from government of Pakistan including the Prime Minister of Pakistan and members of the federal cabinet, heads of the political parties of Pakistan, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff committee, Chief of army staff, Chief of air staff and officials from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) attended the joint session.
These high security measures were taken in the wake of the breach in security of the Parliament House last week. A foreign national (Sudanese?) was able to cross the security of the Parliament House and managed to escape capture.

Terrorists may Attack Parliament House to Avenge Osama’s death

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