Contrary to the statements published by the Pakistani media that Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman has said that Pakistani radars deployed on the western front of Pakistan were not active on May 2, 2011, Pakistani English Language Newspaper “Nation” has reported that Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has formed investigative team to scrutinize the events of Abbottabad operation by United States.

This is the first investigative team looking into the details of event of US helicopters entering in and out of the Pakistan undetected.

Investigative team is lead by a Group Captain will question the PAF personal on duty that day. So far it is said that team was able to establish that Pakistani radars in the area were fully functional on that night contrary to earlier reports.

Radars were able to detect the six aircrafts near Jalalabad in Afghanistan at 11pm and these aircrafts were tracked moving towards Pakistani border with Afghanistan, but as per radar logs none of the aircraft entered into the Pakistani territory.

Nation has quoted BBC that one of the aircraft detected was US AWACS while rest were (F/A-18?) fighter jets. Team is yet to establish if these six aircrafts were actually acting as a diversion for the stealth helicopters or not?

Team is tasked to figure out what Pakistani radars failed to locate the helicopters and how these stealth helicopters were able to fly in and out of the Pakistan with their limited fuel capacity?

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