Pakistan Air Force used its fighter jets to destroy the mortar and machine gun positions used by the Afghan troops. These positions were being used to by the Afghan troops to attack two Pakistani posts of Miskinai and Sangpura in the Bajaur area.

Pakistani Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions, Lt-Gen K.M. Shaikh informed the media that Afghan Askaris were firing at Pakistani posts of Miskinai and Sangpura and security personal on these posts returned inkind with their own guns and motor.

Lt-Gen K.M. Shaikh told the local media that today Pakistan Air Force as brought in to completely destroy enemy positions. Pakistan air force carried out reconnaissance over the area to detect and fix the enemy positions and later on destroyed them into prices.

Federal Minister for States and Frontier Regions said that over 1000 Afghan troops infiltrated into the Pakistani territory from three places on May 19 in the Bajaur area at Sahi and yesterday again at Miskinai and Sangpura.

Minister said that many of the Afghan soldiers which were wounded and captured by the Pakistani security forces have confessed that over 1,000 Afghan troops were involved in these attacks against Pakistan.

Pakistani Governemnt has so far avoid answering the questioning about sources of arms and ammunition used by these troops, but minister he told the media “Afghanistan does not manufacture arms and is being supplied with these arms by some countries. The captured arms bear these markings as well.”

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