Pakistan has agreed to return the rubble of the US SEALs (US Naval Special Forces) Stealth Helicopter used in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. This is widely seen as first positive towards controlling the badly damaged relationship between Pakistan sand United States.

United States Senator John Kerry has announced this after his meetings with the Pakistani leadership. United States was anxious about the technology of the highly advance stealth helicopter which was used by the US SEALs.

One of the four stealth helicopter used in the May 2 operation malfunctioned and was destroyed by the US SEALs but may parts including the whole tail section remained intact.

Joint statement focused on the agreement to work together against "high value targets". Unilaterl actions are sparking anti-American sentiment inside the civil society and armed forces of Pakistan.

After the media reports of sharing the wreckage of the helicopter or technology involved in it with China, Pakistan’s ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani said, “Pakistan is not going to share any technology, and I don’t think our friends in China have shown any interest in doing so.”

Photograph of the wreckage of the helicopter intentionally destroyed by the US SEALs show that it was a modified version of basic Blackhawk helicopter to lessen noise and avoid radar detection using some classified technology.

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