Up to 300 Taliban fighters has crossed into Pakistan from Afghanistan's Kunar province and attacked a Pakistani check-post and surrounding villages in Shaltalo area of Upper Dir, a district in northwestern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Local sources say that Afghan Taliban attacked the checkpost which is manned by police and Dir Levies at about 4:00am killing about 27 police and Levies personnel and three civilians. 

Afghan militants have besieged about five villages, Shaltalo, Nakamai, Elokas, Saro Killay and Nusrat Darra and several of the militants were killed in counter attack by the security forces. Pakistan Army, police and Levies has sent reinforcements to the area and fight was still going on.

Afghan militants has so far destroyed three schools, number of houses and killed three civilians. Local are picing up the arms to join the security forces to defend themselves form afghan militants. Sources say that afghan militants are wearing military uniforms. 

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