Pakistani Foreign Ministry has launched a formal protest against the Indian warship which tried to stop the Pakistani warship from helping the Merchant Vessel Suez by undertaking dangerous maneuvers.

Pakistani spokesperson, Tehmina Janjua has said that Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal was summoned to the Pakistani Foreign Office and formal protest was launched over the actions of the Indian Navy’s Godavari warship in the Gulf of Aden on June 16, 2011.

She said, “Indian Navy Ship Godavari not only hampered humanitarian operations being carried out by Pakistan Navy Ship Babur for Merchant Vessel Suez but also undertook dangerous maneuvers, which resulted in the brushing of the sides of INS Godavari and PNS Babur.”

Pakistani warship, PNS Babur was escorting Egyptian the Merchant Vessel Suez after Indian warship INS Godavari failed to respond to a distress signal from the Egyptian Merchant Vessel Suez’s captain.

Warship of the Indian Navy was to escort the MV Suez to the closest port of Salalah in Oman following its release from the Somali pirates after 10 months.

Merchant Vessel Suez was released by the pirates after a ransom amount of $2.1 million was paid by the Pakistani human rights activist with donations from Pakistan after Indians failed to pay their part of the ransom.

Capitan of the MV Suez issued distress signal for help after it came under attack from the pirates once again but Indian warship failed to respond and then ship’s captain sought for help from Pakistan navy, which dispatched PNS Babur with the commandos from the naval Special Forces group to escort it to Salalah.

Merchant Vessel Suez was captained by a Pakistani and its crew included 6 Indians and 4 Pakistanis, a Sri Lankan and 11 Egyptians. Indians onboard the MV Suez has also said that Indian warship didn’t come to their help.

Nine Pakistani naval Special Forces commandos are onboard the merchant ship to ensure the safety of its crew. PNS Babar started escorting the MV Suez to safety from the area where it was attacked by Somali pirates after its repeated calls for help were ignored by the Indian Navy.

F-22P PNS Zulfiquar Frigate to on its Way for Mission "Ummeed eh Nau" (Hope for Ship)

Pakistan Navy is also an active member of the USN lead Combined Task Force (CTF) 151which patrol the area of Gulf of Aden to ensure the safe passage for the merchant ships.

Pakistani foreign ministry has said, “This incident constitutes a serious violation of international regulations pertaining to safe conduct at high seas and of the India-Pakistan Agreement of 1991 on Advance Notice of Military Exercise Maneuvers and troop movements.”

Pakistan has asked India to make sure that this kind of incidents will not be repeated by the Indian Navy.

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  1. cheap india, wanted pak to pay for ransom and then take credit for it. idiots of highest order.

  2. @shumayel

  3. But.. The youtube vedio shows the other way around..!!

  4. Hum to tehere ajnabi kitni mulakato ke bad ,
    Khoon ke dhabbe dhulenge kitni barsato ke bad .
    -Faiz Ahemad Faiz


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