Pakistani security check post along the border with Afghanistan was attacked once again by the Taliban terrorists from the Afghan side. Over 50 Taliban terrorists were involved in this attack in northwest Pakistan.

Pakistani security forces responded with their own joint attack to force the terrorist to flee into their safe havens inside Afghanistan. Pakistan air force was used to attack the terrorists along with the Frontier Corps and Pakistan Army.

Joint operation involved precision guided ammunition to minimization of the chances of civilian casualties. Two-day operation was jointly launched by Pakistan Army, Frontier Corps, police and Pakistan Air Force.

Joint operation focused on the terrorist stronghold of Walidad in the Mohmand Agency and Pakistan air force led the attack by destroying the bunkers and hideouts of the terrorists.

Four soldiers of the Frontier Corps were also killed in this latest clash with the Taliban terrorists.

Pakistani security forces were able to successfully take control of the mountaintop positions and forced the Afghan Taliban terrorists to flee across the border into Afghanistan.

Attacks by the Taliban terrorists from across the border into Pakistan are becoming frequent, especially from the Afghanistan’s Kunar province which is under the control of the Talibans. Kunar province severs as a launching pad for attacks against Pakistani security forces.

Pakistan has protested over these attacks from Afghanistan side and called for operation in the Kunar province but so far ISAF is avoiding operation in the area as kunar province is considered as a stronghold of the Taliban militants.

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