By Qamar

Pakistan Navy's PNS Babur Type 21 frigate has sailed from King Saud International Seaport (also known as Jeddah Islamic Seaport) to resume its anti piracy mission.

On Sunday night, visitors from the Naval force of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were welcomed by the crew of the PNS Babur on the frigate’s deck.

Capt. Azhar Naeem said that Royal Saudi Navy and Pakistani Navy are cooperating very closely on matter of mutual interest are taking part in the joint exercises like “Naseem Al-Bahr” which was held earlier this year.

He said that Pakistani Naval personnel are also actively involved  in the personnel training and capacity building of the Royal Saudi Navy.

Capt. Azhar Naeem said,“We are also a part of the Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan under Tactical Control of CTF-150 to curb illicit activities including smuggling and drugs, human and arms trafficking. Hence working with the coalition forces under the mandate of the UN is not a new task and helps interoperability and ease in logistic support.”

Pakistan Navy purchased 6 Type 21 frigates from the The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom n 1993–1994. In Pakistani services, Type 21 frigates are known as the Tariq class, after the first frigate which was named PNS Tariq.

Three of the warships of Tariq class were equipped with the 4xHarpoon anti-ship missiles while remaining three were equipped with the Chinese 6-cell LY-60N Surface to Air Missile system.

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