Pakistan Navy has sent F-22P PNS Zulfiquar frigate to bring back the 22 sailors of the Merchant Vessel Suez. All the sailors of the MV Suez boarded Pakistan Navy's frigate PNS Babur after 17,300 DWT merchant vessel ran out of fuel.

Commodore Irfan-ul-Haq, Director-General for Public Relations with the Pakistan Navy has confirmed that F-22P PNS Zulfiquar frigate has left Pakistan for the mission "Ummeed eh Nau" (Hope for Ship) to bring the 22 sailors of the Merchant Vessel Suez to Pakistan.

Commodore said that 22 sailors are safe on board PNS Babur frigate.

Merchant Vessel Suez was recently released by the pirates after 10 months in captivity. Ship is captained by a Pakistan, Wassi Hassan. Merchant Vessel Suez was released last week after the efforts of Pakistani human right activist Ansar Burney who not only managed to raise the ransom amount asked for Pakistani crew of the ship but also paid for the release of the Indian crew after Indians failed to raise their part of the ransom. 

Twenty two sailors of the Merchant Vessel Suez include six Indians, four Pakistanis, one Sri Lankan and 11 Egyptian nationals.

Pakistan Navy directed its PNS Babur frigate to escort the Merchant Vessel Suez after Indian warship INS Godavari failed to respond to a distress signal from the Egyptian Merchant Vessel Suez’s captain.

Angry Indian Navy Threatens PNS Babur after Its Helps "MV Suez"

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