Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Nauman Bashir spiked his appearance before the Senate’s Standing Committee on Defence. In camera session of senate's body was called to discuss the attack on the PNS Mehran base of the Pakistan Navy under the chairmanship of Lt-Gen (retd) Javed Ashraf Qazi.

Deputy Naval Chief Admiral Shafqat Javed and Chairman Inquiry Committee Rear Admiral Tehsin Ullah Khan were sent to brief the Senate’s Standing Committee by the Pakistan Navy. both officials declined to answer the questions asked by the members of the Senate’s body.

Naval officials maintained that questions can only be answered  after completion of the investigations as many facts are yet to be verified. Senators conveyed their concerns about the inadequate security arrangements at the PNS Mehran and were surprised how could few terrorists keep the security personal engaged for over 16 hours.

Officials told the Senators that operation against the terrorists by naval special services group was prolonged as their first priority was to protect 35 aircraft, 16 helicopters and foreign nationals including eleven Chinese engineers and six Americans.

Senators expressed anger at the absence of the Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Nauman Bashir. 

Rear Admiral Tehsin Ullah is leading the Pakistan navy's investigation team while another investigation team includes experts from the Inter Services of Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau, Military Intelligence, Federal Investigation Agency, police and other agencies.

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