Pakistani government plans to spend Rs. 150 billion on the Pakistani security forces over and above the defense budget of Rs. 495 for the fiscal year 2011-12.

Out of Rs. 150 billion for the armed forces, Rs. 80 billion will be given under the 10-year Armed Forces Development Programme while another Rs. 50 billion for reimbursed under the Coalition Support Fund (CSF) by the US. Remaining Rs. 20 billion are for participation of the Pakistani security forces for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

This will made the total expenditure on the defense department of Pakistan Rs. 645 billion for fiscal year 2011-12. Sources say that Rs. 495 billion are considered as part of traditional needs of the Pakistani defense forces and large part of this will be spent on the salaries and war deployments across the country to fight the threat of terrorism.

These allocations will be spent by the Pakistan to meet the goals set in the Armed Forces Development Programme. AFDP (Armed Forces Development Programme) was started by the Musharraf government to build the capacity of Pakistani security forces to meet future challenges . 

Under AFDP,  Pakistan Air Force is purchasing fighter jets, training jets, airborne early warning and control (AEW&C),  transport aircrafts and surface to air missile systems to build a capability to defend the Pakistani airspace effectively.

Pakistan Navy is in process of acquiring maritime patrol aircrafts, AEW&C aircrafts, fighter jets, helicopters, Submarines, Frigates and different kind of missiles to keep the sea lines of Pakistan safe in case of attack by the enemy. 

Under this program, Pakistani Army plans to purchase gunship helicopters, transport helicopters and allocations for locally developed main battle tanks, armed personal carriers and short range airdefence systems.

AFDP (Armed Forces Development Programme) was original planed to end in 2019 but due to the changes in the regional security perspective it was decided to extend the program to 2025. Medium term goals of this program are to be met by the year 2019-20 and long term goals will be met by 2025.

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