Pakistan Navy’s Frigate PNS Alamgir (F 260) is scheduled to conduct joint naval exercise with the Kuwait Naval Forces from July 2 to 6. Visit of the PNS Alamgir to Kuwait will help in boosting the defense ties between the two brotherly nations.

Pakistan Navy sends its Warships to Kuwait periodically as a sign of Pakistani goodwill towards the State of Kuwait.

PNS Alamgir (F 260) is USS McInerney (a Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate) which was acquired after its retirement from the USN. Pakistan Navy renamed the frigate as PNS Alamgir and commissioned it on 31 August at Naval Station Mayport, Florida.

PNS Alamgir is armed with the  OTO Melara Mk 75 76 mm naval gun, two Mk 32 triple-tube (324 mm) launchers for Mark 46 torpedoes, 20mm Phalanx CIWS (close-in weapon system). Its MK13 Mod 4 single-arm launcher was removed in 2004, which means that ship is no longer capable of carrying 40 SM-1MR Standard anti-air missiles. Two 2x2  fixed RGM-84 Harpoon missile launchers have been fitted to enhance Alamgir's surface attack capabilities.

PNS Alamgir is part of the 18th Frigate Squadron of Pakistan Naval Fleet and it is the third warship to use this name.  PNS Alamgir is 138m long and displaces 4100 tons. It is capable of sustaining speeds of over 30 knots and is capable of performing Anti-Surface and Anti-submarine Warfare. PNS Alamgir can carry 2 SH-60 LAMPS III class helicopters for Anti-submarine and Anti-surface Warfare.

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