Pakistan Marines (PM) will aid in the security of the Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) by establishing a picket in the seawater to inspect each and every boat to safeguard naval and civil installations at Karachi the port. Pakistan Naval officials has also confirmed that Pak Marines will be in-charge of the security of Karachi Fish Harbour from the sea side. 

Sindh Fisheries Minister Zahid Bhurgari has said that this was agreed in a meeting  which included oficals from the Pakistan Navy (PN), Maritime Security Agency (MSA) and Fishermen Cooperative Society (FCS) and Trawlers Owners Association.

This meeting was called in to review the current security situation of the Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) and methods to improve it. It as also been decided by the participants that Sindh Rangers will be asked to create  a Rangers picket inside the Karachi Fish Harbour (KFH) at Kala Pani and no fishing or passenger boat will be allowed to operate without registration.

In another move it is decided that boundary walls of the Karachi Fish Harbour will raised and security equipment including CCTV cameras will be installed at the walls.

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