By Qamar

Government of Pakistan has expelled the military trainers of the United Kingdom from the country. Earlier ,  Pakistan has also expelled over 120 American trainers from the country in the wake of the unilateral attack inside Pakistan on May 2.

There is raising anger over the American behavior of  unilateralism. Majority of the Pakistanis are asking for the decreased cooperation with the United States and its close allies as they feel the western allies are compromising Pakistan's sovereignty with continuous drone attacks and cross border operations.

Spokesperson of the United Kingdom's Embassy in Pakistan has said, "The U.K. has been asked to withdraw some of its training support teams on a temporary basis by the Pakistan government in response to security concerns".

United Kingdom's Ministry of Defence has also confirmed that at least 18 military trainers which were deployed to train the the paramilitary Frontier Corps have been withdrawn from Pakistan.

These trainers were training the Pakistani paramilitary Frontier Corps under a 15 million pound ($23.9 million) program at a base near Quetta. Training program started in August 2010 and was scheduled to complete in 2013.

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