Since the start of war against terrorism, United States has provided $12.522 billion to Pakistan and allocated a total of $20.713 billion under Coalition Support Fund (CSF). Out of these $12.522 billion, Pakistani security forces has received $2.478 billion.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) spokesperson  said that $8.647 billion were provided to Pakistan  under Coalition Support Fund (CSF) as reimbursements for expenses incurred by the Pakistani security forces in operations against Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

United States has also provided another $3.875 billion as security assistance to purchase weapons, equipment, training by US trainers for Pakistan security forces, civil armed forces and Anti-Narcotics Force.

Pakistan Arrmy was provided $1.455 billion out of the assistance received as Coalition Support Fund (CSF) and $1.023 billion from the security assistance Package. Therefore, Pakistan Army has received a total of $2.478 billion out of total American assistance of $12.522 billion. Rest has been used by the civilian government.

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