Indian defense minister has once again threatened to attack Pakistan. This comes after a series of statements in last couple of years aimed at showing the world that India is ready to attack Pakistan at its will.

Indian defense minister M.M. Pallam Raju has said that if any terrorist incident occurred in India it will attack Pakistan. India has recently been declared as the worlds largest arms importer which purchase over 10% of the total major conventional weapons sale during the period of 2006 to 2010. 

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has revealed that India spent around $40 billion its defense in 2009 alone. India has planned to purchase weapons worth over $50billion in  next five years from all around the world.

Such large investments in the purchase of hundreds of fighter jets, T-90S tanks , dozens of submarines & P-8I antisubmarine aircrafts  and frigates from Russia & Europe and USA along with thousands of planed air defense missiles from Israel are aimed at preparing Indian security force ready for attack against Pakistan.

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  1. Words are cheap.

  2. So is acts like this which only contribute towards increasing tensions and starting a war


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